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Chelsea Need More Goals

Let us recall back to 2009-10 season, the historical season for Chelsea football club and in English football – the season in which saw Chelsea winning the domestic double. It doesn’t seem an easy task to reach to such achievements against all rivals we know about from the English football, with the likes of Man utd, Arsenal and Man city to mention some. But Chelsea got the achievement not only they were the better side than others but also Chelsea scored many goals.

Scoring many goals comes from this equation; “Score goals, you win games, if you win games then you win titles”. And the inverse of this equation results to Relegation or under performing “Don’t score goals, you won’t win games, if you don’t win games then you will end up relegating or under performing”

Coming back to this new season (2011-12), the season that has proven to be the toughest ever since there have been a lot of tough underdogs and big team have been getting a lot of surprising results, such as Man utd beaten 6-1 by Man city, Chelsea beaten 5-3 by Arsenal, Tottenham beaten 5-1 by Man city and also Arsenal lost 8-2 to Man utd. All of these results surprised the whole footballing world, since it was top rated teams losing to such extents.

Having Andres Villas-boas as the big man in charge of Chelsea, so far Chelsea haven’t had the best start to the Season and have been losing a lot points in the journey while scoring at minimum. But Villas-Boas has always insisted that he will motivate the team to gain confidence and belief which will help the team to get the results, we have seen the effect of having maximum confidence and belief, it has help Chelsea to qualify to knock-out stages in the Champions League and back to back wins in the Premier League by beating Wolves, Newcastle and league leaders Man city.

For the past seasons, Chelsea’s midfield has been a source or good results and titles, where we have seen players Like Frank Lampard scoring 20 goals a season, Malouda getting 15 goals. The sum of goals scored by Chelsea’s midfield, defence and attack have played a vital role to Success of the club. But these players who have been on target aren’t getting any younger – the pace has been going down now and then, we have all seen what has happened to Drogba, Lampard, Anelka and others who have been faced with off-form states.

A lot of blames have end up facing the manager, that he is not good enough, too young to manage an aged Chelsea club, he has tactics which don’t fit with the players and many of them.

When it gets to a club like Chelsea which has a lot of ambitions, it gets very difficult to manage the club if the players fail to score (Torres to be a good example), if players fail to score all the title ambitions start to fly-off.

If Chelsea’s attacking side that includes Torres, Drogba, Lukaku, Sturridge, Mata produce at least 50 goals in their names, while the midfield and defence produce at most 40/50 goals in their names, then that will put Chelsea in a position to win the Premier league and other tournaments, since they will be scoring goals.

Players like Torres, Drogba, Lampard, Kalou, Malouda should be motivated so as to recapture their top forms once again and put them in a good shape, but if that will be a difficult thing to make the players regain their forms, then it will need Andres Villas-Boas to visit the market and bring at least three new players in the January Transfer Window.

Talking about three new players, I mean players who won’t take even more than 1 match or debut to score goal (s) for Chelsea, there are players in the market of Such quality – if they are brought they will help to produce more goals for the Club. For example, Juan Mata who didn’t take long to hit the net and he has been a master mind for Chelsea so far. If Chelsea bring two or three players of such quality, then goal scoring won’t be a problem.

For Chelsea to win title (s) this season, they need to score goals just like in 2009-10 when Chelsea passed the 100 goals mark per season, and this will be possible if they win matches by large margins, and winning matches by large margins needs top on-form players to hit the back of the opponents net.

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