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So our Captain has been charged with ‘a racially aggravated public order offense’. Oh wow, the horror! We are all terribly surprised and trembling. Right after the FA decided to ban Suarez and thereby render Liverpool even more toothless than they already were, we blues were defiant and believed that the England captain wouldn’t suffer anything near the same fate. Surely not, if anything I expect him to get a longer ban, just because, he is John Terry.
Ever since he started getting involved in bar fights and the likes as a kid, I feared he wouldn’t make it at Chelsea, a needless feeling, in hindsight. He’s had more than his fair share of bad press which I feel is down more to his image than his actual character or conduct. That image has continued to haunt him and the man we see today is a very strong character still trying as hard as possible to divert attention from that perspective by doing what he does best, playing football. The latest ‘scandal’ is surely not the least, and maybe even the most severe, of JT’s list of ‘crimes’ and I fear only the worst. However, i would like to state that while I believe JT is not racist, I cannot defend his action as ‘not racist’, and if found guilty, he would have to serve his punishment. Uncle Sepp would like to bring forward the ‘heat of the moment’ point, and yes while that is true, lots of other players get in the heat of the moment without using such words. I agree that players shouldn’t be easily labeled ‘racist’ based on such events as I find it extreme, but they should be judged by the law, like JT26anyone else. Unlike Dennis Wise in ‘95 who got arrested for an overblown argument with a cab driver, I expect him to remain Chelsea captain and anyone that can find a better captain,leader or legend should please step forward. By the way, Wise was reinstated when his case was dropped due to the Cabbie exposing his hidden motives a.k.a greed. (we are watching you Anton) His England captaincy on the other hand is as good as gone, and it’s that the national team has to go through so many change of states, or armbands.
The next questions raised are obviously related to replacement. We already need to sign a new center-back as Alex is leaving and we don’t have any youth player ready for promotion. There was a rumor of AVB mentioning a buy-back option on Rajkovic, (please confirm this in the comments section) but it is more likely that we sign two defenders (one permanently and the other on loan). Don’t be surprised if one of them is an experienced Premiership defender as JT still gets to play in the Champions league. Another option we could see is Romeu at center back and a midfield that looks like what we’ve had before Oriol owned his position.
While we await the final verdict, I say support the Chels’ most successful captain through it all. I know I will.


Its been 4 or 5 years since we last won at Spurs, hold on let me fetch the correct stats. It’s the only fixture T’sar Guus lost! Found it, we haven’t won at the lane since 2005/2006.

    • 06/07, 2-1, Maka opened with a sensational volley, looked like an easy win
    • 07/08, 4-4, Enthralling game, we led 3-1 at some point.
    • 08/09, 1-0, Modric strike from a lennon cross
    • 09/10, 2-1, JT got a red card, Bale murdered ‘fewewa’
    • 10/11, 1-1, Drogba missed a late pen

Tried to paint each game as graphically as I could remember, funny I actually watched them all. Last season we could’ve easily ended this run, now we need to. We can’t afford to lose to another top 6 team. Plus, we used to call this place 3-point lane, when we were only decent (not shit)

Team News
Ramires is back! Luiz is still out, meaning Bosingwa, meaning Bale can rape, but he is also out injured and even if he plays will be partially fit but, its Bosingwa and he might still rape. Your captain has been passed fit and will start and hopefully scores a winner unlike ‘Cannibalez’ who choked in his last game before his octo-break. That’s Suarez for those of you who fail at puns. The Sp*ds have Lennon out, Adebayor and Defoe doubtful, and that’s enough bad luck to translate to a win for us but these games don’t usually pan out that way. I only hope their lower attacking impetus doesn’t result in a tougher defensive unit that’s harder to break down. In plain English, a draw or a sweaty win (it’s a draw and then Ivanovic scores a 90th minute own goal, or Cech repeats what he did at Wigan, or Modric scores a pen and the whole of twitter goes mental with “We should’ve signed Luka”.


With Lennon out, Spurs would be looking to attack down the left with either Modric or Bale. Modric would be a dangerous option as he would look to drag Bosingwa inside, and release Assou-Ekotto, but will the left back overlap? Our right winger is a certain in-form striker called Danny Sturridge that is getting even better at his position so I expect that to not be a problem. With Luka playing left wing their threat is limited as they don’t have another creative midfielder to take his position nor one that can make piercing runs. Pienaar should start and that is a player that can hurt us if underestimated, but I’m going to believe Ashley Cole cancels him out as usual. Pavlyuchenko should start upfront, I’ve already given him a goal on the official site’s score predictor. The midfield will be a little weird, expect a surprise from Harry, but nothing Rambo,Rombot and Meireles cant handle. I expect Mata to have a better game than his last 2, just cause they were average in my opinion. Sturridge will be up for it, might not see a lot of the ball like the City game, but he will have a hand in our goals. Yes, I am sure we will score. If the Drogba from the Valencia game turns up (you will know 15minutes in), place your money on a Chelsea win, else, just expect a nervy exciting London derby, which is a given.


Following on from last week’s theme, the youth team beat Doncaster Rovers 2-1 in the FA Youth Cup. It was a classic Chelsea youth game, in that they went down a goal early, recovered, dominated and came back. These boys are a joy to watch, even with newcomers like Piazon, Feruz and promoted schoolboys, the spirit is still there. I’ve been watching this team for over a year now and anytime they suffer an early setback I’m calm because its the same script. Piazon scored the winner vs Doncaster and followed that with a brilliant goal in a 4-nil win at Arsenal for the reserves. Seems to be acclimatizing well now, but the real star in recent weeks has been Chalobah. He’s been exceptional, playing both center back and holding midfield, scoring 2 goals against Arsenal including a peach free-kick. He became the youngest ever Chelsea player at the Asian pre-season tour because this lad has bags of potential. He’s only 17, but with the way things are going, maybe we’ll see him in the first team earlier, but ultimately I hope his fate is more JT than Mancienne or maybe Bruma, whose fate is undecided.

Here’s to renaming the lane to its proper name.
Stay Carefree and Proper Chels.

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