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Super Chelsea - A Chelsea Blog For All Chels

About S.Chelsea

Hello Reader,

The Super Chelsea blog was created by us to share our personal thoughts and emotions. The Super Chelsea team has an unhealthy attachment to everything Chelsea. We watch all the games; we  read tons of Chelsea news, articles and blogs. You can always catch us discussing Chelsea on Twitter, Facebook, BBM and Whatsapp.

We believe a blog is journey between writer and reader; if the journey is going to be fun and in the right direction, honest opinions are needed to achieve it. Therefore, we appreciate comments, questions and feedback on anything from blog design to match day analysis. There’s nothing off-limits; comments and feedback can be positive or negative, we only ask that it is constructive. It is our earnest desire that this blog will be interactive.

As much we love feedback from readers, Super Chelsea will not tolerate abusive, racist or extremist comments, but swearing (not at others) is allowed in moderation if it helps you express yourself.

We hope that through this blog, we shall have a wonderful relationship with you as our reader.


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