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Frank Lampard vs Moldova Sep 2013.

Not the long-range belters nor the perfectly-timed runs into the 18/6-yard box nor the goal records. None of these are what are I admire most about Sir Frank Lampard (as he is called by many nowadays, Chelsea fans and otherwise) – rather, It’s the constant defiance of critics. Doing what they say he can’t do and going beyond the limits they set.

Without trying to dish out a history lesson, this unending criticism has existed since he was playing under his uncle and dad at West Ham.

A behavior I noticed during/after the 2006 world cup and have often pondered the reasons for, it seems to edge him on and has contributed hugely to the player he is today. From West Ham fans saying he wasn’t good enough and only made the team because his uncle was manager, to English fans saying he wasn’t good enough (despite voting him player of the year back to back), to rival club fans claiming he will be shown up for the terrible midfielder he is with arrivals of Ballack, Deco and the likes (quality midfielders/managers have come, gone and he still remains first choice), and finally to Chelsea fans saying he’s “too old and past it” as far back as 3 seasons ago (still starts and performs for both club and country today).

The inspiration for this post is Lampard earning his 99th England cap on Friday in a qualifier vs. Moldova at the ripe age of 35. With 29 goals, 2 Player of the year awards, 1 ghost world cup goal and thousands of boos/jeers it is definitely a career of ups and downs. While he is set to join fellow teammate Cole as a centurion, a moment that should erase some of his mixed-feelings about playing for his country without getting due respect for the most part – it baffles me that people could write off a footballer who broke the record for outfield appearances with 164 as being too old to play top-flight football at 32.

A player who went on to do this at 34…

… and also this.

A goal that would’ve had over-the-top media festivity had it been scored by a certain Manchester United ‘incestor’. I’ve seen a lot more respect accorded recently with the man becoming Chelsea’s top scorer ever in astounding fashion, a feat not many could ignore and forces you to look back on an illustrious career with slight or much more admiration.

Before you think I have a stick in my eye and still consider Frank to be peak footballer, I would like to state that I’m well aware of the fact that he’s past his best – but still I know he’s not past top-level football. He put in performances last season that shocked me at times (only because he is/was playing in a deeper position than used to). His strongest traits don’t require so much physical effort and he still has the stamina to play forty 90-minute games in a season. To be frank (excuse my pun) he could go on till he’s 40-42 if he would accept playing in the MLS or a lower English league but until then let’s enjoy what a great footballer has left to offer (a lot, clearly).

In the end, all we’d have is adulation and accolade for a great career and a great gentleman. Congrats, Sir Frank.


UPDATE: This article just published by Henry Winter of the telegraph rhymes with my thoughts


Carefree. Means much more than nonchalant to a proper Chelsea fan aka one who is ‘proper chels’. The pride you feel whenever a fellow blue says to you “You are proper chels” cannot be faked, assuming you actually are ‘proper chels’ of course. Sorry to digress there, but back to the word carefree; a major chelsea chant, synonymous with ‘proper chels’ and the best word to describe Fernando Torres now that the Drogs has gone off to the AFCON and given him some breathing space.
With Drogba gone, Torres starts, plays 90mins, and is the main striker upfront. Its a bit of responsibility on his shoulders as he was the only striker when Sturridge was injured, (not counting Lukaku who will hardly play) but its a responsibility that is more welcome to him than either sitting on the bench, or coming off at the 60th minute when things aren’t going too well. Three man of the match performances later – that included 3 nino assists (including a match-winning assist’s assist vs Wolves) and ultimately 3 wins – journalists, fans, coaches and players are talking about Torres returning to his best form. I honestly felt this way back in October when he scored against Utd, then against Swansea cause he was looking sharper than he has ever looked since his move to West London. Even without scoring in the last 2 games I can honestly say he is playing his best football in a Chelsea shirt and he seems to have improved his all-round game. Even the cliched ‘yard of pace’ that he seemed to have lost is back. We’ve been quite poor with Sturridge out and Ramires playing the RW role but Fernando has been a bright spot in these last few games, playing a huge role in the goals, and consequently goals. A consistent run of games, with this current form, and the goals will come.

Fernando vs Sunderland

Enough of our disappointing 50m striker from last January, lets talk about this current transfer window.

Kakuta to Dijon
Rating: 4/5

Some of us still believe in the 2009 UEFA u-19 golden ball winner to make it big, either at Chelsea or somewhere else. So he’s had a few bad loans, some have survived such to become starts, some have had their career die from the same. The talent is there, and just needs to be honed. Back in his home country, in a team that has guaranteed him first-team football, I fully expect him to impress in the league where his one-time mate Eden Hazard is attracting worldwide interest from.

I have nothing to prove. When it is my time, I will show what I am capable of. – Gael

Pat Van Aanholt to Vitesse
Rating: 3/5

And another Arnhem acquisition. I’m not really looking forward to this for 3 reasons. 1. Only Rajkovic appeared to be decent of all the players we’ve sent here. 2. Matej Delac didn’t get games, likewise Ulises this season. 3. They’re a poor side and I doubt they’ll do more than give him some games.

Josh McEachran to Swansea
Rating: 4.5/5

The most important of them all. Joshy’s chances me this season have been severely limited and it was all too important that he moved to a Premier League side to gain quality experience. Swansea is the team we wanted, and we hope it turns out to be right one.

There was interest from a number of other Premier League clubs, but I wanted to come to Swansea because of the style of football they play. I think it will suit me. – Josh

Eden Hazard

At the mention of the name I just picture a 4-2-3-1 with him on the left, Studge on the right, Mata in the hole behind the main striker. That picture is obviously a snapshot of a dream. The rumors fuelled by twitter and journos about we landing him for 28m euros may very well be false.
AVB has been very honest about players we go for from day 1, and I believe he will confirm if we indeed have a genuine interest in Eden.
We’ve also been linked to Jovetic, and previously Di Maria. Its good to see the club being linked with wingers, whether that is a result of the general belief that we need wingers or the club actually going for players in that position, we won’t know until the manager says so or one of them signs.

Gary Cahill

Finally we have our man. I wasn’t too pleased with how long this dragged, almost like a saga. Anyone who follows me on twitter would know I don’t really like Cahill but I will focus on the positives and ignore my negative bias. We need a replacement for Alex. He’s a good defender. He partners John Terry for England. He’s used to the premiership. He’s English. He cost 7m. That settles it and we shouldn’t see Bosingwa at center back again, maybe even at all.

…Carrow Road

The squad is boosted as Brana, Cahill, Ess and Studge are all available to start. I can guarantee Studge back in the XI, and either one of Brana or Cahill. Our proper 4-3-3 shape should return, with a better defence and attack. Norwich have been pretty decent of recent, but shouldn’t pose too much of a problem after the first goes in. I predict a 3-1 win to the Chels. Lampard and Sturridge the only goalscorers. El nino with a triple assist man of the match performance. Bosingwa with an own goal that concedes him to the bench for the rest of the season (tongue-in-cheek). That’s a joke by the way, please don’t rape my twitter mentions.

That’s it. I will be watching Chelsea, Swansea and Dijon this weekend, and updating you all on twitter. Do have a lovely weekend, keep it carefree and keep it proper chels.


Forget Neymar; Chelsea should focus on Hazard and Sanchez

Santos is not ready to accept bids for Neymar from Chelsea. According to Neymar’s agent, Santos rejected our £35m bid for him last August. If our club wants Neymar, our club will have to buy out his contract at £40m. Honestly, it will be foolish for our club to spend £40m on Neymar especially when we can get both Hazard and Sanchez for the same price.

Let me share the little I know of Neymar. Last season Neymar scored 34 goals in 61 appearances in all competition. This season he has scored 14 goals in 16 appearances in all competitions; the Brazilian season is still ongoing. I will admit that his stats are impressive for a 19 year old; I believe he has the potential to be a great player but he is worth £40m.

Santos knows Neymar is not worth £40m. They would have sold him for £25m if they had a good replacement for him. Santos wants something greater than money; Santos wants to win the Copa Libertadores. The last time they won, it was with Pele in 1963. Santos believes their current squad is good enough to win it. Neymar is key player in that squad. If we are patient, we can get Neymar for half of £40m after Copa Libertadores competition. How hard a wait can it be? We got enough strikers to the job until the end of the Copa Libertadores.

Let us forget about Neymar for now. Brazil always produces new talent; Neymar could be old news in six months time. Who knows, we might find a similar talent for a much affordable price.

If the club has £40m to spend, it should be on Hazard and Sanchez. Hazard is a fast player with great technical ability. Chelsea can sign Hazard at £18m. Hazard is comfortable as an attacking midfielder; he can also play on both wings. Hazard is very good at creating goal-scoring opportunities. Hazard is Ligue 1 player of the year for 2010-2011. Alexis Sanchez is the solution to our right wing problems. Sanchez has excellent ball control, superb crossing ability and great speed. Sanchez would cost us £22m. The money needed to sign Hazard and Sanchez comes to £40m.

If Roman left you in charge of transfers, would you spend £40m on Neymar or on Sanchez and Hazard?

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