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Here we go again. We’ve been here before, not too long ago. Sometime in December, after losing to the red scousers twice in 2 weeks, and capitulating to an away loss at Leverkusen. Despite handing 3-0 drubbings to both Wolves and Newcastle, (a lucky result according to the media who ignored five Studge one-on-ones and focused on the fact that they managed to hit the woodwork about 3 times compared to us doing that once, 4-3 win for us, no? I digress) we were the underdogs, in a Champions League ‘win or go home’ home tie. The outcome? Another 3-0 drubbing. This time there was no doubt we deserved the win. But what did the media do? They said it was vintage Chelsea, AVB had ditched the high-line and gone back to Mou’s framework with his job on the line. Bollocks. Anyone can decide to play counter attacking football, and it worked – on the day.
That was a different Chelsea. You could identify the strengths (possession, control, chance creation, attacking gung-ho football, energy), and the weaknesses (the ‘mythical’ high-line, Torres issues, Drogba’s fitness, conceding late goals etc). This Chelsea, facing Napoli tomorrow – I don’t get them. I can’t see their style of play, cause there’s no clear style of play! They hardly create any clear chances and just appear so dour every time. They don’t even have any recent 3-0 drubbings, plus it’s an away game. I still feel as deeply confident as I did before Valencia. To quote Walter Mazzarri:

but their team is one of champions, who are all used to the atmosphere of great international events. I’m sure that they will regroup for the occasion

I expect no less from this team.


The one link we have with this team is the legenda that is Zola who came as close  as anyone ever did to recreating his mentor, El Diego’s exploits in the great Italian city.

So I did some quick research and I could hardly find any trends. They seem to do well in big games in the league, but their form is too mixed. Home or away, big team or small fry, no streaks. Is that a good or a bad thing, considering they’ve won their last 2 games without conceding? I wouldn’t know because a team can always continue in form, but I certainly do hope some of that inconsistency kicks in today.
Its all about the Hamsik, Lavezzi and Cavani trinity. Also worth noting that Lavezzi and Pandev have the same no of league goals (5), so the latter could be dangerous off the bench. They defend pretty well at home and will be solid at the back despite Campagnaro being out. Can his replacement, Grava, handle the Drog?
They shouldn’t change much in shape, expect to see a similar lineup to what we’ve seen recently

JT is doubtful. Ash is back. Lamps is back. Drogs is back? ‘Spine minus John Terry’, is back. Add Ramires to that.
4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1?
Need all 3 midfielders to match Napoli’s hard midfield and cut off supply to the attacking 3.
With Mata drifting in, and Sturridge naturally running into the box, it might look like a 4-4-2 diamond in some attacking transitions, but by default a 4-3-3 would match itself, if that’s what they go with.
Another alternative is a 4-5-1 with either Ramires on the right, or Malouda on the left. That would surprise signor Mazzarri, and give us more control of the midfield, possibly leaving Edinson et al lost upfront.

Drogba or Torres?
Didier. Why? Because we’re better off playing to his strengths in an away Champions League knockout game. Meaning: Targetman, Studge and Rami counter attacks, Mata drifting into middle occasionally but primarily creating from the left. And also because we are not playing any crisp football nowadays and nino has nothing to feed on.
But we all know there are 2 Didiers. The up-for-it-unplayable one(a la Valencia) and the give-fuck-all one. Doesn’t take you 10mins to spot which one is playing. If the latter turns up I won’t mind him being taken off early cause its all about the team.
I would say the strongest back four we have available is Brana-Luiz-Cahill-Ash. AVB would go with either that or Bosingwa in for Cahill with Brana at center back. Doesn’t really matter to me that Cahill has never played in the Champions league, I’m not ready to see ‘How Ezequiel raped Jose part 1’.
If JT passes a late fitness test, then I’d like to see him play where I put Cahill. We’re just so much better in games like these with JT in defence, even when he’s 70% fit. You can’t recreate the leadership and organization he brings to the defence, and the team as a whole.

Remember one thing those 3-0 drubbings had in common? Oriol. Naturally I should go for Romeu-Lamps/Raul-Ramires. But I haven’t seen him perform recently and would like to see Essien-Lamps-Ramires in the mix of things.

The rest of the team picks itself: Cech, Sturridge and Mata.

We have no excuses not to turn up for this game. The boys need to stand up and be counted, not underestimate our opponents, and play for that shirt. Great nights in Italy like ‘Dennis Wise at the San Siro’ spring to mind, hoping we can add to that.


2-2. Cavani(1-0), Drogba(1-1), Lampard(1-2), Cavani(2-2).

I’d take a score draw, but if i know my Chelsea – which I certainly do – It’s not farfetched for them to follow up a loss at Everton plus a draw at home to Birmingham with a resounding, critic-bashing drubbing.


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188BET offers Chelsea FC fans the chance to quiz Ramires.

Hello Blues,

The club’s official betting partner, 188BET, is offering all Chels the chance to chat live with Ramires.

Ramires will be taking over 188BET’s Twitter account to answer fans’ questions during a special live interview on Thursday 2nd February 2012.

Ramires joined Chelsea FC in 2010 from Benfica and has already clocked up almost 50 appearances for our club, forming a strong midfield partnership with the likes of Meireles and Lampard. He has scored six goals for Chelsea, including the club’s goal of the season award last year for his beautiful strike against Manchester City at Stamford bridge, and also has 27 international caps with his native Brazil to his name.

He will be online at 1:30pm on Thursday 2nd February and will answer a selection of fans’ questions live via 188BET’s Twitter feed. To take part, all Blues fans have to do is log on to Twitter, follow ‘@188BET’ and submit their questions by tweeting ‘@188BET’ along with the hashtag: #askRamires.

So whether you want to know how Ramires occupies himself outside football, who the best dancer in the squad is or perhaps even if he has any quirks, get online on Thursday and ask him your questions!


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Carefree. Means much more than nonchalant to a proper Chelsea fan aka one who is ‘proper chels’. The pride you feel whenever a fellow blue says to you “You are proper chels” cannot be faked, assuming you actually are ‘proper chels’ of course. Sorry to digress there, but back to the word carefree; a major chelsea chant, synonymous with ‘proper chels’ and the best word to describe Fernando Torres now that the Drogs has gone off to the AFCON and given him some breathing space.
With Drogba gone, Torres starts, plays 90mins, and is the main striker upfront. Its a bit of responsibility on his shoulders as he was the only striker when Sturridge was injured, (not counting Lukaku who will hardly play) but its a responsibility that is more welcome to him than either sitting on the bench, or coming off at the 60th minute when things aren’t going too well. Three man of the match performances later – that included 3 nino assists (including a match-winning assist’s assist vs Wolves) and ultimately 3 wins – journalists, fans, coaches and players are talking about Torres returning to his best form. I honestly felt this way back in October when he scored against Utd, then against Swansea cause he was looking sharper than he has ever looked since his move to West London. Even without scoring in the last 2 games I can honestly say he is playing his best football in a Chelsea shirt and he seems to have improved his all-round game. Even the cliched ‘yard of pace’ that he seemed to have lost is back. We’ve been quite poor with Sturridge out and Ramires playing the RW role but Fernando has been a bright spot in these last few games, playing a huge role in the goals, and consequently goals. A consistent run of games, with this current form, and the goals will come.

Fernando vs Sunderland

Enough of our disappointing 50m striker from last January, lets talk about this current transfer window.

Kakuta to Dijon
Rating: 4/5

Some of us still believe in the 2009 UEFA u-19 golden ball winner to make it big, either at Chelsea or somewhere else. So he’s had a few bad loans, some have survived such to become starts, some have had their career die from the same. The talent is there, and just needs to be honed. Back in his home country, in a team that has guaranteed him first-team football, I fully expect him to impress in the league where his one-time mate Eden Hazard is attracting worldwide interest from.

I have nothing to prove. When it is my time, I will show what I am capable of. – Gael

Pat Van Aanholt to Vitesse
Rating: 3/5

And another Arnhem acquisition. I’m not really looking forward to this for 3 reasons. 1. Only Rajkovic appeared to be decent of all the players we’ve sent here. 2. Matej Delac didn’t get games, likewise Ulises this season. 3. They’re a poor side and I doubt they’ll do more than give him some games.

Josh McEachran to Swansea
Rating: 4.5/5

The most important of them all. Joshy’s chances me this season have been severely limited and it was all too important that he moved to a Premier League side to gain quality experience. Swansea is the team we wanted, and we hope it turns out to be right one.

There was interest from a number of other Premier League clubs, but I wanted to come to Swansea because of the style of football they play. I think it will suit me. – Josh

Eden Hazard

At the mention of the name I just picture a 4-2-3-1 with him on the left, Studge on the right, Mata in the hole behind the main striker. That picture is obviously a snapshot of a dream. The rumors fuelled by twitter and journos about we landing him for 28m euros may very well be false.
AVB has been very honest about players we go for from day 1, and I believe he will confirm if we indeed have a genuine interest in Eden.
We’ve also been linked to Jovetic, and previously Di Maria. Its good to see the club being linked with wingers, whether that is a result of the general belief that we need wingers or the club actually going for players in that position, we won’t know until the manager says so or one of them signs.

Gary Cahill

Finally we have our man. I wasn’t too pleased with how long this dragged, almost like a saga. Anyone who follows me on twitter would know I don’t really like Cahill but I will focus on the positives and ignore my negative bias. We need a replacement for Alex. He’s a good defender. He partners John Terry for England. He’s used to the premiership. He’s English. He cost 7m. That settles it and we shouldn’t see Bosingwa at center back again, maybe even at all.

…Carrow Road

The squad is boosted as Brana, Cahill, Ess and Studge are all available to start. I can guarantee Studge back in the XI, and either one of Brana or Cahill. Our proper 4-3-3 shape should return, with a better defence and attack. Norwich have been pretty decent of recent, but shouldn’t pose too much of a problem after the first goes in. I predict a 3-1 win to the Chels. Lampard and Sturridge the only goalscorers. El nino with a triple assist man of the match performance. Bosingwa with an own goal that concedes him to the bench for the rest of the season (tongue-in-cheek). That’s a joke by the way, please don’t rape my twitter mentions.

That’s it. I will be watching Chelsea, Swansea and Dijon this weekend, and updating you all on twitter. Do have a lovely weekend, keep it carefree and keep it proper chels.


FA Cup Preview: Chelsea vs Portsmouth

The Blues army will host Portsmouth today in the FA cup third round. We will be hoping to extend our unbeaten run against Portsmouth to 30 games in all competitions in over 51 years.

The last time we played Portsmouth was the final of the 2010 FA cup at the Wembley, where Didier’s free kick was the decider.

We will be expected to beat Portsmouth any day, but our recent unimpressive run and the injuries to some players might make Portsmouth believe they can win or force a replay.

I will want to believe that our poor run has ended with 2011, especially with the spirit shown at wolves on Monday when our players rallied round to give us the full 3 points following Wolves 85th minute equalizer. It was a typical Frank Lampard goal, following his typical run into the box.

Andre Villas-Boas might want to give our youngsters some playing time on Sunday, especially since some of the first team regulars are out injured and our African contingent (Drogba and Kalou) are already gone. Ivanovic and Mikel are still weeks away from full fitness, with Terry too not sure of making the game, Hutchinson may come into the central defence.  Many would have expected Cahill to be ours by now, but the guy is still fighting for £100 000, more than thrice the £30 000 he is earning at Bolton. We can make do with Hutchinson for now but we definitely need to sign a centre back, Cahill or not

I will be glad to see Mceachran play the entire 90mins, because he is one player I believe should have been a regular by now if he can work on his fitness and physical strength. I initially thought he will benefit from a loan deal, but with our recent injuries and dip in form by players like Merielis and Lampard, I think Mceachran should be given a chance to fight for his place in our first 11.

Another player that I will be happy to see play today is Romelu Lukaku. With Drogba and Kalou heading for Nations cup, Lukaku will naturally get more playing time this January if we don’t sign a striker.

Portsmouth are in top spirit following their 2-0 win over Watford on Monday, though they are still placed 17th on the championship table.

My Chelsea Team:  Cech; Betrand, Luiz, Hutchinson, Ferreira; Romeu, Mceachran, Ramires; Lukaku, Mata, Torres

Portsmouth’s last lineup:   Henderson; Ben-Haim,Mokoena,Pearce, Mattock,Mullins,Norris, Huseklepp,Kitson,Futaks

My prediction: Anything short of a Chelsea win will be a shocker, so I think its going to be 3-1 in favour or the Blues.



Chelsea January Transfer Window Analysis

January! January! January! The month we have been waiting for, when transfer window opens and the rumors rise till they get ridiculous.

It is believed that Roman will give Villas-Boas a war-chest of £150m to spend in this January transfer window. If that’s true, AVB should seize the opportunity to sign quality players that will enable our squad challenge and hopefully win some trophies.

If AVB signs some quality players, I believe we can even win the premier league this season. It may seem impossible but there is still half a season of games to play. As AVB said: “In this season’s title race, there will be a lot of surprises”.

It’s up to our players to surprise everyone including themselves. I believe they are capable because these are the same players who got us from 7th to 2nd place in the league last season. We could have even won the premier league if we got a result at Old Trafford. It is mathematically possible for us to still win the league so we must keep the faith.

Let’s take a look on our current squad, this is the same squad that won at Valencia, Man City, Newcastle and other places. Also it is the same Squad that lost to QPR, Aston Villa, Leverkusen – to mention but a few. If we compare the depth of squad that Man city have, it is bigger than that of Chelsea. To improve our current squad we need to bring 3-4 new players in this transfer window which will help us for the rest of the season.

Here is an analysis of some of the transfer options or possible players to join Chelsea:

Gary Cahill: At 26, his age is not a concern; his performances are the most important. Cheap to be honest, not many defenders will be available at £7m. He’s demanding around £120k wage in wages. Signing for Chelsea will keep alive his chances to play in Euros for England.

According to the reports, Owen Coyle says his move to Chelsea will be completed by Sunday. And he rates him as good defender, who can play for any team.

He has made 19 Premier League appearances this season for Bolton scoring 2 goals, with no assists, 2 yellow cards, 1 red card, 74 percent passing success and 0.6 shots per game.  A bit average of him, but I won’t judge him much before he plays for Chelsea. He plays in the centre back role which is occupied by John Terry, David Luiz and Ivanovic.

He is weak at passing, but strong in blocking the ball and playing it into air, strong in aerial duels, clearing the ball out of defence, scores in set pieces especially indirect free-kicks.

Edinson Cavani: He is a Uruguayan forward, 24, of pace that resembles that of Diego Forlan. He has made 13 appearances (1 as a sub) for Napoli in the Serie A scoring a total of 9 goals with one assist and one yellow card in the other hand, 3.4 shots per goal and 68 percent passing success.

A player that his price could be a bit high £45m – £50m, but that wont be a problem for Chelsea. His attributes – Strong in finishing , headed attempts, holding on the ball and also he provides defensive contribution.

A player that will fit in Chelsea’s squad and tactics, and will close the gap to Drogba & Kalou who will depart for Afcon tournaments. He is very useful in counter attacks and also in normal build ups. A kind of player that Chelsea need.
Gonzalo Higuain: He is 24, 7 apps (8 as a sub) for Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga, scoring 12 goals with no assists, 2 shots per game and 88 percent passing success. He has an impressive scoring record since arriving in Spain in 2006 but he has failed to hold down a regular starting role under Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid.

His price tag is around £25m – £30m, a good finisher and a key passer, Good dribbler with skills and long shooter. He can boost the attacking role at Chelsea and score some handy goals along side others. Not only Chelsea are after him but also the Argentine forward is linked with Juventus and PSG.

Marek Hamsik: 24 years old Attacking midfielder and he can play as a right forward in a 4-3-3 formation, his price could be a problem, rated at £45m – £50m. After Chelsea failed to capture Luka Modric – he grew up as a possible target for Chelsea. He has made 11 apps (5 as a sub)  for Napoli in the Italian Serie A scoring 5 goals and providing 4 assists, 1.4 shots per game and 84 percent passing success. He is good in releasing key passes, assisting and finishing too.

He can help to feed the strikers with balls, and adding creativity in our midfield  alongside Mata, Romeu, Lamapard, Meireles, Ramires and others. He is in a class of players that can add creativity at Chelsea and boost our attacking forces.

Alvaro Pereira: He is a defender (left) of 26 years old, he has made a total of 10 apps for FC Porto this season in the Liga Sagres, he will provide aid in our defence also in creating attacking build ups – bringing crosses and good runs through opponent’s defence. He has a release clause of £25m.

Cheich Tiote: A 25 year old Ivorian midfielder who has been pretty in good form recently, capable of controlling the midfield defensively and also in attack. 83 percent passing success. Strong in passing, dribbling, tackling and ball intercepting. Good option for Chelsea, but he may find a difficult way to get regular chances of playing at Chelsea since we have a lot of midfielders. He may coast £30m, as Mr. Alan Pardew is in charge of the magpies.

Milos Krasic: He is a 27 year old winger who joined Italian side Juventus from CSKA Moscow, linked with Chelsea also with other Russian clubs but he doesnt want to return to Russia. He may cost around £20m – £25m.  He has 85 percent passing success, Strong in dribbling, holding the ball and providing key passes. He can help Chelsea and cover the wing role.

Kaka: He is one of the intelligent playmakers in football and 29 years old. He has made 6 apps (6 as a sub) for Real Madrid in the Spanish La Liga  scoring 3 goals and providing 2 assists having 86 percent passing success. He has quite been faced with injuries, making him out and in some poor forms but still a player that Chelsea will need to buy to add more creativity. £30m was a rumored price that Real madrid will sell him.

He is good at scoring, shooting, dribbling and providing key passes also his has a good vision on the pitch and good mentality.

Chelsea need new blood that will make us play top class football like the season we won the historic  domestic double, with some quality signings, we can only get better, compete for and win title(s).

Keep the faith wherever you read this from!

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Chelsea Ends Miserable Year

What's happening to our season?

I cannot believe what we witnessed earlier today. It was a very, very disappointing game from the Men In Blue.  Aston Villa came to the Bridge probably seeking a draw and we gifted them a win.

They played 10 men behind the ball and pretended that they would not attack us.  We were keeping possession but we did not make it count.

22 minutes into the game, Dunne brought down Drogba, resulting in a penalty. Drogba scored his 150th goal for the club, a remarkable achievement for him.

If we had killed the game there, we would have Drogba’s 150th goal, Terry’s 400th game as captain and 3 points to cheer going into the new year.

Unfortunately, our Blues disappointed us more than they did on Boxing Day. Goal aside, Drogba was crap; he did needless tricks and gave away possession.

Aston Villa picked one of his misplaced passes and nearly capitalized on it.  Drogba was so terrible that I prayed fervently that AVB would sub him with anyone, even Kalou!

Daniel Sturridge got a few chances and he could have contributed more if he was not selfish. As the game progressed, he faded away and AVB subbed him for Torres. For me Torres performed better for the team than Drogba and Sturridge put together.

The Spaniard made a great strike that hit the crossbar with his first touch; he also gave Drogba a sweet pass, one the big man squandered. I felt Torres could have done more if our midfield given him the ball more often.

The goals we conceded are unacceptable. The first, JT was in good position to prevent Ireland from scoring but he failed.  The second, Luiz decided not to mark Petrov. It must be said though; David Luiz was having a good game until that moment.

Given Aston Villa showed no interest in attacking, AVB brought on Lampard to replace Romeu. AVB made the same mistake when we played Wigan. He made Aston Villa deceive him. With Romeu gone, we lost our ability to break Wigan’s attacks and we lost possession frequently.

Lampard gave away possession in a manner that would have disgusted Oriol. Ireland seized on the opportunity, ran with the ball and set up Darren Bent for an easy finish. 1-3 and there was no way we were coming back.

AVB has his job cut out for him in the upcoming transfer window; he needs to buy players with a winning mentality. In the past, we were noted for grinding out wins even when we played poorly.

We have lost that ability; teams no longer fear us, every team now wants to have a go at Chelsea. I will appreciate AVB more if he stops trying to be a smart ass with the media.

Chelsea has a problem and he should work to fix it. If the rumors that he has been given £150m to spend on quality are true then he should spend it very wisely. Chelsea needs him to get his transfer activity right because a top four finish is not a guarantee this year.

It has been a miserable year for Blues worldwide; I hope our squad makes some positive new resolutions and stick with it throughout 2012.

Keep The Faith (and of course) The Blue Flag Flying High!

Have a prosperous New Year!

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Chelsea Need new Blood

We need more strength and depth in the squad to challenge in the Premier League title race. This season our squad has been too inconsistent, we earned draws where we should have won and lost games that could have been draws.

Currently we are out the Top 3 and 11 points below the League leaders Manchester city and Manchester united each with 45 points. Luckily, Arsenal failed to take advantage of us dropping points so they remain in 5th place. The miserable thing about our current situation is that Spurs are right above us in third place with a game in hand.

Our season has been poor so far due to goal scoring ducks, controversial refereeing, defensive errors, injuries and off-form runs. It is a miracle that we are in 4th place. Our season has poor and it can get worse if we do not strengthen our squad. We need to first fix our leaky defense and then focus on sharpening our attack. I hope AVB takes advantage of Alex and Anelka’s exit to bring in a quality centre half and a creative midfielder.

In an ideal world, Malouda and Drogba would join Alex and Anelka out of the club this January. Seydou Doumbia would replace Drogba, Hazard would replace Malouda, Hummels would replace Alex and Thiago Alcantara (through a Romeu type deal) would replace Anelka. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Most of the best players in the football do not move to new clubs in January. Given the intensity of the rumors, expect Cahill replacing Alex as a Chelsea player by Sunday. We will not buy another striker to replace Anelka; AVB will argue that he has enough strikers i.e. Kalou, Lukaku, Torres, Drogba and Sturridge. Despite Malouda’s threats to leave, I expect him to stay and enjoy his paycheck unless PSG are silly enough to sign him. Close your mind to players like Thiago Alcantara, Mario Goetze, Khedira, Sneijder, Kaka et cetera. Chelsea will not move for them because Essien’s return will strengthen the team.

AVB has to be brave this transfer window because Chelsea finishing top four partly depends on the players that join this January. I see parts of AVB vision already and I like it; if AVB can get quality players who can clearly depict his vision in January, he should not wait until July 2012 because it could be late.




So our Captain has been charged with ‘a racially aggravated public order offense’. Oh wow, the horror! We are all terribly surprised and trembling. Right after the FA decided to ban Suarez and thereby render Liverpool even more toothless than they already were, we blues were defiant and believed that the England captain wouldn’t suffer anything near the same fate. Surely not, if anything I expect him to get a longer ban, just because, he is John Terry.
Ever since he started getting involved in bar fights and the likes as a kid, I feared he wouldn’t make it at Chelsea, a needless feeling, in hindsight. He’s had more than his fair share of bad press which I feel is down more to his image than his actual character or conduct. That image has continued to haunt him and the man we see today is a very strong character still trying as hard as possible to divert attention from that perspective by doing what he does best, playing football. The latest ‘scandal’ is surely not the least, and maybe even the most severe, of JT’s list of ‘crimes’ and I fear only the worst. However, i would like to state that while I believe JT is not racist, I cannot defend his action as ‘not racist’, and if found guilty, he would have to serve his punishment. Uncle Sepp would like to bring forward the ‘heat of the moment’ point, and yes while that is true, lots of other players get in the heat of the moment without using such words. I agree that players shouldn’t be easily labeled ‘racist’ based on such events as I find it extreme, but they should be judged by the law, like JT26anyone else. Unlike Dennis Wise in ‘95 who got arrested for an overblown argument with a cab driver, I expect him to remain Chelsea captain and anyone that can find a better captain,leader or legend should please step forward. By the way, Wise was reinstated when his case was dropped due to the Cabbie exposing his hidden motives a.k.a greed. (we are watching you Anton) His England captaincy on the other hand is as good as gone, and it’s that the national team has to go through so many change of states, or armbands.
The next questions raised are obviously related to replacement. We already need to sign a new center-back as Alex is leaving and we don’t have any youth player ready for promotion. There was a rumor of AVB mentioning a buy-back option on Rajkovic, (please confirm this in the comments section) but it is more likely that we sign two defenders (one permanently and the other on loan). Don’t be surprised if one of them is an experienced Premiership defender as JT still gets to play in the Champions league. Another option we could see is Romeu at center back and a midfield that looks like what we’ve had before Oriol owned his position.
While we await the final verdict, I say support the Chels’ most successful captain through it all. I know I will.


Its been 4 or 5 years since we last won at Spurs, hold on let me fetch the correct stats. It’s the only fixture T’sar Guus lost! Found it, we haven’t won at the lane since 2005/2006.

    • 06/07, 2-1, Maka opened with a sensational volley, looked like an easy win
    • 07/08, 4-4, Enthralling game, we led 3-1 at some point.
    • 08/09, 1-0, Modric strike from a lennon cross
    • 09/10, 2-1, JT got a red card, Bale murdered ‘fewewa’
    • 10/11, 1-1, Drogba missed a late pen

Tried to paint each game as graphically as I could remember, funny I actually watched them all. Last season we could’ve easily ended this run, now we need to. We can’t afford to lose to another top 6 team. Plus, we used to call this place 3-point lane, when we were only decent (not shit)

Team News
Ramires is back! Luiz is still out, meaning Bosingwa, meaning Bale can rape, but he is also out injured and even if he plays will be partially fit but, its Bosingwa and he might still rape. Your captain has been passed fit and will start and hopefully scores a winner unlike ‘Cannibalez’ who choked in his last game before his octo-break. That’s Suarez for those of you who fail at puns. The Sp*ds have Lennon out, Adebayor and Defoe doubtful, and that’s enough bad luck to translate to a win for us but these games don’t usually pan out that way. I only hope their lower attacking impetus doesn’t result in a tougher defensive unit that’s harder to break down. In plain English, a draw or a sweaty win (it’s a draw and then Ivanovic scores a 90th minute own goal, or Cech repeats what he did at Wigan, or Modric scores a pen and the whole of twitter goes mental with “We should’ve signed Luka”.


With Lennon out, Spurs would be looking to attack down the left with either Modric or Bale. Modric would be a dangerous option as he would look to drag Bosingwa inside, and release Assou-Ekotto, but will the left back overlap? Our right winger is a certain in-form striker called Danny Sturridge that is getting even better at his position so I expect that to not be a problem. With Luka playing left wing their threat is limited as they don’t have another creative midfielder to take his position nor one that can make piercing runs. Pienaar should start and that is a player that can hurt us if underestimated, but I’m going to believe Ashley Cole cancels him out as usual. Pavlyuchenko should start upfront, I’ve already given him a goal on the official site’s score predictor. The midfield will be a little weird, expect a surprise from Harry, but nothing Rambo,Rombot and Meireles cant handle. I expect Mata to have a better game than his last 2, just cause they were average in my opinion. Sturridge will be up for it, might not see a lot of the ball like the City game, but he will have a hand in our goals. Yes, I am sure we will score. If the Drogba from the Valencia game turns up (you will know 15minutes in), place your money on a Chelsea win, else, just expect a nervy exciting London derby, which is a given.


Following on from last week’s theme, the youth team beat Doncaster Rovers 2-1 in the FA Youth Cup. It was a classic Chelsea youth game, in that they went down a goal early, recovered, dominated and came back. These boys are a joy to watch, even with newcomers like Piazon, Feruz and promoted schoolboys, the spirit is still there. I’ve been watching this team for over a year now and anytime they suffer an early setback I’m calm because its the same script. Piazon scored the winner vs Doncaster and followed that with a brilliant goal in a 4-nil win at Arsenal for the reserves. Seems to be acclimatizing well now, but the real star in recent weeks has been Chalobah. He’s been exceptional, playing both center back and holding midfield, scoring 2 goals against Arsenal including a peach free-kick. He became the youngest ever Chelsea player at the Asian pre-season tour because this lad has bags of potential. He’s only 17, but with the way things are going, maybe we’ll see him in the first team earlier, but ultimately I hope his fate is more JT than Mancienne or maybe Bruma, whose fate is undecided.

Here’s to renaming the lane to its proper name.
Stay Carefree and Proper Chels.

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Post Match: Chelsea vs. Wigan

The Wigan game felt like two points lost than a point gained. Our Blues surrendered our one goal lead in the 88th minute of the game. It was disappointing. The only change AVB made to the team that defeated Manchester City at the Bridge was Lampard for Ramires. Given we had won against Manchester City and Valencia, the Wigan game was supposed to be an easy one but tactical and defensive errors cost us the win.

I hate criticizing our gaffer but I believe the draw was largely his fault; AVB made the same mistake Mancini made against us the previous week by taking off Aguero and Silva. Mata and Sturridge kept pressure on Wigan’s defense and Wigan’s midfield had to support their defense. By taking Mata and Sturridge off, he gave the Wigan players the freedom to be adventurous up front.

Once again Sturridge proved he is class, he made impressive runs down the flanks, and he crossed better this week. He also scored his 9th goal of the season; the goal came from a wonderful long pass from Ashley Cole. I will be expecting more of such passes from Cole now.

Didier was wearing his invisibility cloak throughout the game; the cloak slipped off for a few seconds when he had the chance to head a goal in; Didier missed that chance. Although Didier was invisible during our last game, I still believe he has much to offer the club. The club should give him the two year contract he wants. Didier has earned the right to retire at our club. I hope Torres proves his worth in January when Didier is in Africa. For now, let’s hope Drogba is motivated to bang in some more goals to help us challenge for the Premier League.

Mata is still our best player on the pitch, I love his movement in the final third; Mata’s passes are simply fantastic. Given Mata’s positive influence in our games, I hope he can remain physically and mentality fit throughout the season.

Is Frankie Lampard is still ‘Super’? This is the question many fans ponder. I believe the reason why AVB made Lampard start the Wigan game is Ramires’ injury.  The Lampard that was on the pitch was certainly not the one we all know. There were no defense splitting passes, no well timed runs into the box and no unstoppable shots on target. Age seems to be catching up with Lampard. I will never advocate for Lampard to be sold, I believe he still has some ‘Super’ hidden in him somewhere. He has a lot of experience that still needed at the club. Lampard should be coming off the bench more often now.

We need to add reinforcements in January; a centre-back and a midfielder. A centre-back will allow us to play Ivanovic at right back. We need a midfielder who can run at defenders like Ramires. On Saturday, we passed the ball around hoping to find space; Wigan closed their spaces to leave us ineffective.  We tried crosses; we were a bit successful with it because Sturridge scored after receiving Cole’s cross. All the crosses that Drogba didn’t waste were hoofed away by the Wigan defense. Are we going to keep crossing when our target man Didier leaves for AFCON?

Romeu: A lot has been said about the lad, he has the confidence on the ball and the ability to make important interceptions. Romeu has incredible vision and he maintains his passing accuracy even under pressure. The lad must be admired. Does Mikel still have a future at our club?

Our next game is a must win one; we will be heading to North London to face Spurs. Let’s hope AVB rectifies some of our challenges before we face them.


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Match Preview: Wigan v Chelsea

Hello Blues,

Today, our Blue Army is in Manchester to face relegation candidates Wigan. Over the years, Wigan has become one of the teams Blues look forward to meeting. They are the gift that keeps on giving. If we had a home away from home, it has to be the DW Stadium. I expect our Blue Army to cruise to a victory there.

A win against Wigan will put Chelsea in four successive Premier league victories, since the defeat to Liverpool in the league. We also hope to extend the streak further till january and so, our next fixtures could be handled well. Coming to the new year, we will find Chelsea in unbeaten run in december and that could also take Chelsea another Step on top of the Premier League. We have also won eight of nine Premier League games in which we have opened scoring.

As we close the gap on the league leaders, this weekend we may see new leaders on the standings, at that could be Manchester utd but it will happen only if Arsenal beat Manchester City on Sunday. And that will put us just 5 points behind the New leaders.

Raul Meireles score his first Premier league goal against Manchester City on Monday, while his last Premier League goal was against Wigan before his move to Chelsea.

In the last six away meets at Wigan, Chelsea have received only one defeat and winning five games – scoring 13 goals and conceding 3 goals.

My Chelsea Team (4-3-3): Cech, Ashley Cole, John Terry, David Luiz, Ivanovic; Mikel, Ramires, Lampard; Mata, Torres, Sturridge

Wigan Team (Probable 4-5-1): Al Habsi; Gohouri, Caldwell, Boyce, Figueroa; McCarthy, Gomez, Moses, Diame, Jones; Sammon

Good News:
We face Napoli in the next Champions League round; the first leg will be in Naples and the second leg in London. If you are not happy with us drawing Napoli, note that Ballack’s Leverkusen got Barcelona. Michael Essien has been dropped from the Ghana squad for the African Cup of Nations. Hurray! Essien will join Mikel on the available list this January. Mikel’s Nigeria failed to qualify for the competition.

Should AVB try a 4-5-1 formation in January? If AvB decides to use the 4-5-1 formation, it will help Chelsea to dominate possession in its games. If our opponents don’t have the ball they can’t hurt us. We have won all six Premier League matches in which Oriol Romeu has played a part. This boy is a master mind!, and we are all glad that Villas-Boas clarified on the buy-back clause. He is a bright future for the Club. Finally, one of my favorite geezers David Luiz confirmed via twitter that he has passed his English test.