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Super Chelsea - A Chelsea Blog For All Chels


We started this blog for the numerous Chelsea fans who have been subject to ridicule, insults, and abuse from fellow fans on groups and forums. Feel free to share anything Chelsea.

  1. If you disagree with the opinions of fellow Blues, you are welcome to debate it as long as you do not ridicule, insult or abuse that Blue.
  2. This blog welcomes constructive criticism on ways to improve for all Blues worldwide.
  3. This blog will not blindly support any Chelsea manager. The blog will judge the manager on his competency and team performance.
  4. Roman is not always right but without him, we would have probably remain sh*t. Roman shall be treated as a flawed genius.
  5. Given most Chelsea songs contain swear words, it must be hard keeping it out of your diction. You can use to it to express your fucken opinions (unless it conflicts with rule 1).

Rules are not made to be broken; they are made to ensure everyone enjoys some freedom. Follow the rules or bug off.

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