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Why Chelsea should sign Seydou Doumbia

Morning beautiful people! I woke up on the right side of the bed today and I’m buzzing with excitement for no apparent reason. I have to admit there’s been a lot of quiet around the club as regards summer signings.

We have been linked with many attackers this summer, the top names being Lille’s Eden Hazard, Porto’s Hulk and quite recently Wigan’s Moses. We got Eden as you already know, so Hulk was expected to follow suit. As I write, he is nowhere close to being a Chelsea player.

I won’t say I’m surprised Hulk has not signed for Chelsea. I mean…the relationship between Chelsea and Porto does not exactly rival Romeo and Juliet’s. The Porto management must still hold grudges given how we took Mourinho, Carvalho, Ferreira, and Villas-Boas away from them.

They are the second biggest club in Portugal and do not want to be seen as a feeder club for Europe’s top teams. They want to challenge for European honors and as a result, they tag outrageous prices to their players just to keep bidders off. Last season, Porto informed Chelsea to pay ₤26 million to sign Álvaro Pereira. Pereira is decent at best shouldn’t cost more than ₤12m. Hulk is worth ₤20m in my estimation but given he is a Porto player I expect them to demand close to ₤40m. I’d be gutted if we caved into their demands. Last season, we spent ₤18m on Lukaku and there are little signs to show that it was a good investment.

If there is anyone I think will be good value for money, it is Seydou Doumbia. I honestly believe we should be chasing Seydou Doumbia and I have my reasons.

Seydou Doumbia vs. Lokomotiv defence


He scores lots of goals. He was top scorer in the Ivorian league in 2005, he was top scorer in the Swiss super league in 2008–09 and 2009–10 and Russian premier league top scorer in 2010/2011. Seydou has been top scorer in three different leagues and top scorer for three consecutive seasons.

Seydou is African (d’oh). Drogba contract has expired and he chosen to move to China to promote the Chinese game. Salomon Kalou has been released by the club. This leaves us with only two Africans, Mikel and Essien in the first team. We have three Brazilians in Piazon, Ramires and Luiz; three Portuguese in Meireles, Hilário, and Ferreira; four Belgians and many English men. If we add another African to keep Mikel and Essien company, it wouldn’t be bad at all. Especially an African with great talent like Doumbia.

Samsung will be happy. Samsung sells tons of electronics in Africa and they use Chelsea players in almost all their adverts. Samsung uses Drogba the most in their adverts followed Essien and then Mikel.  Samsung loses a great marketing tool with Drogba gone to China because the Chinese league is not popular in Africa. If we signed Seydou Doumbia, Doumbia could be the new face of Samsung in Africa.

Samsung: It’s Drogba’s Choice

Seydou will give Torres and Sturridge competition. Many Blues want Torres to automatically be our main striker next season. I have to say I disagree; competition for places is good for any team. Torres scored many goals for Liverpool but won nothing with them. Van Persie fired le Arse to third place last season but his prolific scoring couldn’t earn them a trophy.

It takes more than one good striker to earn a trophy. I doubt we would have won anything if we did not have Kalou, Torres and Sturridge to rotate with Drogba (and also the many goals from our midfielders).

Man United despite not winning the league ended the league with the same points as Man City. They wouldn’t have gotten there without goals from Rooney, Welbeck, Chicarito and Berbatov. Man City won on goal difference because they had four quality strikers in Tevez, Aguero, Balotelli, and Dzeko. They even want to add Van Persie. Le Arse has signed two strikers in Giroud and Podolski because they know one striker is not enough to win titles. Adding a proven goal scorer in Seydou Doumbia increases our chances of winning the league.

It’s been a couple of years since we won the Premier League title, and I would extremely happy if we make it our priority next season. I mean…now that we have secured the Holy Grail, we can go back to being champions of England again.

Finally if we sign Doumbia, we would have a player with a different playing style to Sturridge and Torres. This will give Di Matteo the chance to change our tactics occasionally to prevent us from being predictable. In our double winning season with Ancelotti, we scored the most goals that season because Ancelotti had the players to prevent us from being predictable.

That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for taking your time to read. Have an amazing day wherever this post meets you.

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Keep the blue flag flying high


Villas-Boas: Blues Hold No Fear of Barcelona

Barcelona who? Villas-Boas says our Blue army has no fear of playing Barcelona in one of the knockout rounds of the Champions League. He believes our Blue army has what it takes to conquer Barcelona. Currently our record in the Champions league against Barcelona is three wins, four draws and three losses. On paper, we have strong chance of beating Barcelona but unfortunately football is not played on paper. Barcelona is not the same team that broke our hearts in the 2008/2009 Champions league semi-final. With TSO in Spain challenging them, Barcelona has taken their game to the next level. I don’t believe it is impossible to beat them but it will be a tough ask given that our Blues have struggled against the likes of Stoke City and West Brom.

Villas-Boas said: “Games can be very unpredictable.”

“I think the [credentials] of Barca is there for everybody to see. Apart from the year when they missed out on the final against Inter Milan, at the moment they are the reference for everybody in terms of quality, in terms of titles. But in two legs, anything can happen.

“You have to believe in what you do and believe in the players that you have. We have top players, so it doesn’t mean that it cannot happen for us as well. You can’t measure how far ahead they are, but in any single game, anything can happen.

“We have been present in the Champions League throughout – in semi-finals and a final in past years, but we want to have that breakthrough hopefully this year or in the future.

“Chelsea can beat any team in the world. If I don’t believe this, I have to quit the game.”

I love our manager’s confidence and I hope our Blue army share his confidence and vision.


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A Week to Remember

What an exciting week it has been. If you had told me last week that Chelsea would sign Torres and Luiz, I would have advised you stay off Football Manager.It was therefore a pleasant shock when we signed Torres and Luiz despite recent negative talk of the club’s finances.

The Luiz deal was a surprise for two reasons. One, Benfica announced earlier that week that the deal was off. Two, when the deal was back on, it was rumored that he was stopped from boarding his flight to London because the club wanted examine the “devils” in the contract. In all honesty, I gave up on the Luiz deal at that moment in total frustration. I cursed Benfica for taking my club for a ride and hoped that in future, we wouldn’t even consider doing business with them. Given the fact I gave up on the Luiz to focus my attention on Torres, it came as a pleasant surprise that we were still able to sign him.

The Torres deal was an absolute shocker. I knew Torres had placed in a transfer request but I had my doubts that Liverpool would accept it. Danglish had voiced his desire to play with two strikers and given that they had only signed Suarez, I didn’t see him letting Torres go. However interesting developments occurred on the last day of window, news arrived that Liverpool was bidding for Andy Carrol and that Chelsea was sending Danny on loan. Danny on loan could only mean one thing; we were making space for the possible arrival of Torres. The only “significant” obstacle left was a bloke called Mike Ashley. Lucky for us, Liverpool gave him a ridiculous offer he couldn’t refuse. The result Torres is now a happy Blue.

Torres with his Chelsea kit.

Torres has been a player that I have secretly yearned to see in our royal blue. Sometimes I wonder if  Torres shared a similar yearning to wear our colors even before Liverpool’s decline presented him that opportunity. If he did, I wouldn’t blame him. Think about it, how long can you walk away from such a beautiful Blue family? :D

We Are Family

I look forward to the magic of Torres beginning this weekend. I believe if he remains fit and works well with Ancelotti, we might land our maiden champions league trophy soon.

Welcome Back!

Hello Blues,

I hope you enjoyed your season break. Unlike previous season breaks, I enjoyed this one. The World Cup kept me entertained with its numerous surprises. In this World Cup traditionally strong teams were outclassed and knocked out early. The teams with young, fresh talents albeit mixed with a few experienced (old talents) went far. It was also a world cup of unbelievable errors, till today; I can’t decide who had the worst moment of the world cup, David Green or Yakubu Ayegbeni.

Although the World Cup was very good, I would have to admit I wasn’t pleased that our boys in blue did not get far. In the final, I was behind Holland because Robben was playing. I had hoped that Robben would undo Barcelona Spain but we all know how that game turned out. I was sad when my home nation, Ghana were knocked out by a combination of Suarez and Jabulani. It was a bitter pill to swallow but I guess that’s life, I am moving on with the hope of a better performance cup 4 years to come. On the louder note, the Vuvuzela caused great controversy around the world; in my opinion, people made much noise about the Vuvuzela than it did itself. I will admit I hated its droning sound on the TV; however, when I got the chance to blow one, I enjoyed it very much.

I enjoyed the World Cup but I’m glad it’s over; it is time for you and I to go back to what make how our heart beat with sheer excitement and that’s to see our Boys in Blue back in official action. On to Wembley!