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Why Fernando Torres will shine under Mourinho

Fernando Torres has been coached by many world class managers at Chelsea. Ancelotti, Villas-Boas, and Di Matteo all failed to get the best out of him. While he did show some flashes of brilliance under Ancelotti, Villas-Boas, and Di Matteo it was the arrival of Rafa Benitez –hate him or dislike him -that brought more consistency from him.

Torres failed under Ancelotti because our style of play was completely different to that of Liverpool, he joined mid-season and the media pressure and scrutiny surrounding his record-breaking transfer was overwhelming. Our attacking players also made his task frustrating and difficult. Coming from a Liverpool system which relied on counter attacking and most chances falling perfectly for him (through balls and cut-back crosses), adjustment ended up being a herculean feat.

Torres came to meet a slow build-up style of football at Chelsea, which was the preferred method of attack in Ancelotti’s second year. This suited Drogba, who could be marked closely by a defender and still get a goal and not Torres cause it makes it easy for defenders to mark him out of the game.

Man-marking Drogba is an exercise in futility


Torres’ team mates created few chances and many of those few chances were not suited to his abilities as a striker. For example, there is little sense in lobbing the ball towards his chest and expecting him to score.

When he wasn’t getting clear chances, he tried to create his own. I would watch games and see Torres pass the ball to Kalou or Malouda and enter into good goal-scoring space expecting the return pass. Torres would never get the return pass, Kalou or Malouda would shoot for goal instead. It did not matter to them that Torres had moved to a better goal scoring position than they were in; personal glory came first for them as they were both fighting/competing heavily for a place in the team.

The situation didn’t change much under Villas-Boas, who made Chelsea play a highline defense. By doing so, Chelsea would maintain constant pressure on opposing teams and this forced them to defend deeper and counter attack. This leaves little space that can be exploited on the break and Torres performs better when such space exists.
The first half of Di Matteo’s reign was similar to Avram Grant’s reign as Chelsea manager in that he made little changes to the system but had highly motivated players who were keen to prove a point. We all know the first half of his reign ended fantastic.

The second half however brought Hazard and Oscar. These new players were able to link up well with Mata and score a lot of goals between them. They also created more chances for Torres than previous midfields had. If Di Matteo was able to create a balanced Chelsea team, maybe he would have been manager today. The team was fantastic in attack but terrible in defense which is surprising because Di Matteo brought us the FA Cup and Champions League on a foundation of solid defense. “Attack wins you games but strong defense wins you trophies”.

Torres had his best goal tally for Chelsea last season. I believe he could have easily gotten more than 23, maybe 35-40 goals if he played his old game. By old game, I mean passing to attacking midfield, running into space, receiving the return pass and scoring. However, this did not happen because Torres would often move wide of the goal when he could score more by being at center and that benefited Mata the most. I believe he moves wide to avoid being manhandled by center backs.

The reason why Torres will shine under Mourinho is because Mourinho loves counter attacking football. In 2005/06 season, Mourinho’s Chelsea scored 42% of its goals from counter attacks. 44% of goals came from slow build ups. The remainder of the goals came from set piece situations. 38% of the goals came from counter attack play of less than 10 seconds. 53% of the counter attack goals involved 3 passes or less. [Stats taken from Dick Bate, Future Game Presentation (2012)]

In the Super Cup game against Bayern Munich, Torres scored the first goal and it came from a defense-to-attack transition. When Hazard got the ball from Bayern, at that moment, a transition occurred. In order to prevent Bayern from organizing themselves making it difficult for us to score, Hazard quickly unleashed the ball to Schurrle on the right wing, who also doesn’t waste time and crosses the ball in which Torres finishes without taking a touch or thinking.

Most counter attacks that turn into goals are made with less than 6 passes and Chelsea scored against Bayern with 3. Bayern could do little about it because it took all of 5 seconds to occur. That is the type of football Mourinho likes to play.

Transitions have become crucial. When the opponent is organized defensively, it is very difficult to score. The moment the opponent loses the ball can be the time to exploit the opportunity of someone being out of position. Similarly when we lose the ball we must react immediately. In training I sometimes practice keeping a minimum of five players behind the ball, so that when we lose it we can still keep a good defensive shape. The players must learn to read the game – when to press and when to return to their defensive positions. Everybody says that set plays win most games, but I think it is more about transitions. – José Mourinho

If you still doubt Mourinho’s love for counter attacking that suits Torres, listen to him lament Chelsea’s failure to take advantage of opportunities to counter attack at Old Trafford.

That’s all I have for you Blues. Keep the blue flag flying high!
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Seasonal Preview

The 2012/13 English Premier League season is set to kick off this weekend, many will be expecting to see Drama in the opening fixtures as We will play away against Wigan Athletics on Sunday. And here is a preview on some of the hottest talking points towards this new season togetther with some of International football Experts/Journalists.

Its a season where we will have to defend our UEFA Champions League title, and also the FA Cup as we also eye to win other Silverwares, something which has never been easy for any club as far as European football is concerned. Chelsea will play in six different tournaments, and over 60 games.

The Squad and the Transfer Activity

The transfer activity so far has been impressive, bringing new and young talents to the squad – transforming the squad from an aged to a youthful side, adding more pace and creativity.

Eden Hazard, Oscar, Marko Marin are the big names to have been signed so far and many others rumored and may arrive soon with the likes of Hulk, Neymar, Azpilicueta, Edinson Cavani, Victor Mosses to mention a few.

Creativity needs such attacking players, and with a creative squad more goals will be produced, and we will be able to win games.

When it comes to new signings for Chelsea, Eden Hazard comes first. Young, creative, he has got the speed and the technical ability. He is a player who is expected to make a difference in the team, and help the team to reach its goals. Having scored 20 goals and 15 assists in 35 starts appearances for Lille last season in the French Ligue 1 and his performances have been improving now and then.

Fernando Torres
Torres had a very difficult beginning with Chelsea, after his lost his form. But now he has been very impressive scoring braces, crucial goals and even a hat-trick. According to the statistics, there is a huge improvement on his performances compared to the first season when he was under intense pressure from the fans and media, but now we are talking of a confident Fernando Torres whose formed has been brilliant from last season to the Euro 2012 for Spain, and this season he is the man to look after to produces more goals and win games for Chelsea.

John Chapman (Belgian Football Journalist – gave his thoughts on Eden Hazard’s move and future at Chelsea.

John Chapman: I think Eden Hazard has great potential. He’s quick, clever and explosive. He can make and take goals and should succeed at the very highest level. He’ll probably develop into a central midfield playmaker but may have to play on the wing initially; and fans will need to be patient as it does take time to settle in the Premier League.

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard

And also John Chapman shared his views on Chelsea’s Belgians youngsters Thribaut Courtois, Romelu Lukaku, and Kevin De Bruyne.

John Chapman: Courtois has great skill that he has shown in a very short career at Genk (champions) and Atletico Madrid (Europa League winners). He’s maturing rapidly, on and off the field, and has the ability to be a top five (in the world) keeper within the next 3-5 years.

With Romelu Lukaku, I have doubts. He lacks the technical ability to
reach the top; his main strength is his strength (very powerful) and that’s
not enough at the very top.

Kevin De Bruyne is another player with a lot of potential. I think the
move to the Bundesliga will be great for him. Like Hazard, he’s spent most
of his career on the wing but he should develop into a central playmaker. I saw him in that role for Genk vs. Anderlecht and he was excellent: good vision, passing ability, speed, enthusiasm.

ESPN Football Analyst and Commentator Janusz Michallik and Daily Telegraph’s Correspondent Henry Winter gave their views on some talking points.

Is there a realistic chance of winning the league or Six trophies?

Janusz Michallik: Winning 6 trophies is an impossible task even for Barca. They did it once but these things don’t happen too often. I would say that Chelsea will have a shot but they still need to add players in key areas.

Henry Winter: Manchester City and Manchester United are too powerful so I can’t see Chelsea winning the league. They may win the Super Cup or the Fifa gong in
Tokyo but it’s not going to be like last season’s successes.

Is there a need for another Striker?

Janusz Michallik: I would say that Chelsea need at least two quality strikers. Losing Drogba does not only mean goals and the fear factor but a target man that can hold the ball with back to the goal and bring others into the game. That is especially important with the technical player like Mata, Marin, Hazard, Oscar. Torres does not offer that. The question of a quality right back is obvious. Need a player that understands the position and will provide pace and width to otherwise very narrow Chelsea team.

What other areas do you think Chelsea need to Strengthen at the moment?

Henry Winter: They need another Makelele, somebody to anchor midfield. They need a right-back as Ivanovic has become slightly indisciplined. They need another centre-forward to ease load on Torres.

Thoughts on Chelsea’s current Squad depth, Creativity and strengths?

Janusz Michallik: We knew that Chelsea needed to get younger and more creative. I think they have addressed these issues very quickly but as we said still have some work to do. Overall very impressive so far.

Henry Winter: Creativity obvious with Oscar, Mata and Hazard. Oscar will need time to get used to pace and pressing of English football. Torres looks in the mood.


Tactics and Chalkboards

Janusz’s Chelsea XI (4-2-3-1).

Janusz Michallik’s XI

Henry’s Chelsea XI: (4-2-3-1) I’d have Ramires deep as not going to get in ahead of new stars and more reliable than Mikel.

Henry Winter’s XI


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Is RDM the right man?

Is Di Matteo the Right Man?

After sacking of Portuguese Andre Villa-Boas as the Chelsea manager, interim coach Roberto Di Matteo has brought that lost belief back to the hearts of the blues.


Since his take over, Roberto Di Matteo has managed 6 wins, 1 defeat and 1 draw in 8 games in all competitions. Having a 75 winning percentage, taking us UEFA Champions League quarter-finals and one step close to the Semis, also in FA Cup Semi-final at Wembley. All this has just been a great achievement to what has proved to be a disappointing season so far for Chelsea.


Di Matteo’s tactics;

Squad Rotation Tactic
Now they call him “The Rotatovator” due to the tactic he uses of rotating players, so far the tactic has proved to be working and bringing good results. The importance of this tactic is that it helps to keep each player on form hence it improves team performances week in and week out.


Di Matteo says: “I just talk to the players, give them my opinions and explain the reasons behind my team selections”


Maybe the reason for AvB’s failure at Chelsea was that, when he tries to give out his opinions and explanations – the elder players don’t even listen to him due to the fact of Age difference, no one knows exactly.


Players Torres, Kalou and Mikel, are now on-form players and most important players in the team, playing week in and week out.


Fernando Torres – I say he is back, the El Nino is back!!! 3 goals and 4 assists in the last 5 games. He has now developed the belief and he more of a confident player, his perfomances get higher and higher each week. With such a form, we expect goals to rain from our big man.


Di Matteo on Torres: “I have always said it does not matter who scores, and Fernando has been providing goals for his team-mates, its great that he is scoring as well”


He is likely to be in Spain’s squad for Euro 2012 tournament and as Spain coach Del Bosque said: “If Fernando improves his form, I will select him for the Euros”.


Kalou and Mikel among the players whose futures at chelsea have been a concern, still they have been improving on daily basis. They have both find their places in the first team playing match to match, included in overall Chelsea’s top performers so far.


Kalou is out of contract at the moment, the rumors say “Kalou wants to play in the central role, or else he will be forced not to renew his current contract”.

The central role is occupied by on form Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba, in order for Kalou to get his place on the team and keep on his brilliant form, he has to hang on as Wing forward to secure his place in the first team. Ac Milan and Galatasaray reportedly to be linked with Kalou, who could be available on a free-transfer in the summer.


Mikel has completed 833 of 910 attempted passes (91.54%), his best at the club. He lost his place in the first team but now he is enjoying playing match to match, Mikel has been a solid player in our midfield and his presence makes it more stable. Rumored to join russian side Anzhi managed by Guus Hiddink (Former Chelsea Coach), but at the moment he is not going anywhere.


Back to the question, Is Roberto Di Matteo the right man?
1. Coach to Player Relations.
A good coach is the one who has good relationship with his players, the one who speaks and his players listen a respond positively.


2. Manager tactics.
His tactics are working at the moment, rotating the players and keeping them in firing form. And bringing good results.


3. Objectives.
His objective is to put the team in a Champions league qualification position, currently seems difficult. But as we continue to win our games, it will be secured. On the other hand, he is in a position to lead the team in Fa cup and Champions league glory. Something that may look impossible, but all he needs is to give the team maximum belief and every thing will be possible.


Have a productive day and always be carefree.

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Chelsea Need new Blood

We need more strength and depth in the squad to challenge in the Premier League title race. This season our squad has been too inconsistent, we earned draws where we should have won and lost games that could have been draws.

Currently we are out the Top 3 and 11 points below the League leaders Manchester city and Manchester united each with 45 points. Luckily, Arsenal failed to take advantage of us dropping points so they remain in 5th place. The miserable thing about our current situation is that Spurs are right above us in third place with a game in hand.

Our season has been poor so far due to goal scoring ducks, controversial refereeing, defensive errors, injuries and off-form runs. It is a miracle that we are in 4th place. Our season has poor and it can get worse if we do not strengthen our squad. We need to first fix our leaky defense and then focus on sharpening our attack. I hope AVB takes advantage of Alex and Anelka’s exit to bring in a quality centre half and a creative midfielder.

In an ideal world, Malouda and Drogba would join Alex and Anelka out of the club this January. Seydou Doumbia would replace Drogba, Hazard would replace Malouda, Hummels would replace Alex and Thiago Alcantara (through a Romeu type deal) would replace Anelka. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Most of the best players in the football do not move to new clubs in January. Given the intensity of the rumors, expect Cahill replacing Alex as a Chelsea player by Sunday. We will not buy another striker to replace Anelka; AVB will argue that he has enough strikers i.e. Kalou, Lukaku, Torres, Drogba and Sturridge. Despite Malouda’s threats to leave, I expect him to stay and enjoy his paycheck unless PSG are silly enough to sign him. Close your mind to players like Thiago Alcantara, Mario Goetze, Khedira, Sneijder, Kaka et cetera. Chelsea will not move for them because Essien’s return will strengthen the team.

AVB has to be brave this transfer window because Chelsea finishing top four partly depends on the players that join this January. I see parts of AVB vision already and I like it; if AVB can get quality players who can clearly depict his vision in January, he should not wait until July 2012 because it could be late.


Torres: Chelsea Expect More Next Season

Following El Nino’s goal in Spain’s 4-0 win against USA, El Nino critiqued his own season, shared a bit of his summer plan and asked Chelsea fans to look forward to a “different” next season.

Torres said: “I felt very comfortable from the beginning. I felt good and I was really committed. It has been a tough year for me,”

“I have only played twice for the national team in recent times. The injuries I have had prevented me from being in good shape. I am happy that the team won and that everything was perfect.

“A lot of things happened over the past 12 months but I am looking forward to the last game of season (against Venezuela) over the next three days.

“I finally get to go on a break. It’s been five summers with no holidays and we have a chance to enjoy with family and rest and I am sure next season will be a lot different from the last one.”

For those who haven’t seen it, here the goal highlights of Spain’s win over USA.


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Why Chelsea Should Consider Bringing In Eto This Summer

Samuel Eto is the most decorated African player. He has won four Champions league winners medal, one with Madrid, two with Barcelona and one with Inter Milan. Eto has three Liga winners medal with Barcelona and a Serie A winner medal with Inter Milan. Note: I only mentioned significant accolades. Eto shadows Drogba when it comes to achievements.

Eto left Mallorca as its highest goal scorer. He left Barcelona with 108 goals in 145 games. Currently, he has 32 goals in 63 games for Inter Milan. Eto can play in numerous positions. He has been deployed successfully as a left-winger, right-winger, striker and supporting striker. Imagine the tactical options we would have if we had Eto.

This season has clearly demonstrated that Drogs and Anelka are on the decline. Drogba is still having many shots on target but he is converting very few. Anelka’s nonchalant attitude to his job is irritating. He bagged a few goals in the league and his Champions league goals could have been scored by Kalou! It is time we let him go finish his career in America.

I believe Eto can replace them both. He is younger at 30 and has a better work ethic. He has a huge appetite for trophies; I doubt he would pass an opportunity to add some English trophies to his collection. We could tire him onto a 3-year contract with an option to extend based on performance. Who knows, an Eto – Torres partnership might even land us the Champions League trophy!

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Message to Chelsea fans: Why Patience is a Virtue

Who can tell me what happened on the 16th of May, 2010, almost exactly a year ago? TheMakéléléRole can, because it was there. If some of you need your memories jogged, Lampard chanted ‘Didier Drogba, lalalala’, Ancelotti sang ‘Volare, wooaaahh! Cantare, wooaaahh’ John Terry croaked out a rendition of ‘We’re makin’ ‘istory’, and thousands of Chelsea fans roared along with them, throwing celery and decibels in equal measure at the open-topped bus which was carrying the Premier League and FA Cup trophies. TheMakéléléRole had spent the day before at Wembley watching Chelsea win the FA Cup and the weekend before watching them demolish Wigan at Stamford Bridge to win the Premier League. The man in charge was hailed as a genius, having guided Chelsea to a famous and unprecedented Double.

That man was, of course, Carlo Ancelotti. Yet, one year on, many Chelsea fans are now harrumphing and murmuring their way towards an ‘unacceptable’ second place in the League Formerly Known as the Best League in the World™. How can they be so inclined to forget something that happened less than a year ago? Have they forgotten the first 4 seasons in the Premier League when Chelsea were in the dreaded bottom half? What about the seasons in the 80s when Chelsea weren’t even dining at English football’s top table? What TheMakéléléRole is trying to get at is that if there is one thing out of the innumerable ‘gear-grinders’ that currently plague top-flight football, there is one that grinds not only TMR’s gears but also its brakes, pistons and axels. That is fickle, spoilt fans.

The main point of the article (which will not have been obvious from TMR’s indecipherable ranting so far) is that patience is a commodity that must be thought of on the same level as money in terms of importance. The easy examples of patience paying off are those of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, who took 6 seasons to win his first league title and can now count 12 (presuming United don’t go all Devon Loch on our ass), as well as FA Cups, League Cups, and Champions League trophies. Arsene Wenger, despite recent form, has been successful as Arsenal manager. Even if we take out the money, have a look at David Moyes and what he has done at Everton when backed by his chairman and fans.

However, more importantly, let’s go back to Carlo Ancelotti. TMR really enjoys the saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’, and it is rarely as apt as it is now for Chelsea fans. If Ancelotti is sacked, Chelsea will be back at Square One, just like 2 years ago when he took over. TheMakéléléRole wonders whether, realistically, Chelsea could hire a manager this summer who would win the Double straight away, in their first season at the club? Villas-Boas , the Porto manager, seems an attractive choice.

Hey guys, remember that time when we hired that young Portuguese manager who came in, wowed us all, and won Chelsea their first League title for 50 years, the FA Cup and the League Cup twice? Well 4 months after winning the FA Cup trophy, with captain John Terry and Frank Lampard draped all over him like the cheap hookers, he walked away from the club (albeit with one of ‘Oh sorry, did I just barge into you by mistake?’ shoves from Roman) after three games where Chelsea failed to win. Laughable.

Finally, TheMakéléléRole wants to mention another issue – Fernando Torres. Oh, Fernando. How to solve a problem like Fernando? Frankly, our first thought is to give him one of our special and famous bear-hugs. But we’re glad you asked, because TMR has ideas. Call us crazed, but we’d like to give him a little more time until we call him a flop, a failure, a waste of money. And here is why: bear in mind, if you will, the general theory that players who play long seasons for their clubs, pick up knocks, and then proceed to play in major international tournaments, tend to be exhausted at the start of the season. Then bear in mind, if you can stand the thought of cutting the man some slack, the fact that in 2008, Fernando Torres (after scoring 24 league goals in his debut season at Liverpool) went to Euro 2008 and came back victorious. In 2008/2009 he tore his hamstring, Sellotaped it back together, then the Sellotape ripped a little bit and then he picked up an ankle injury for good measure. Torres then proceeded to go to South Africa for the Confederations Cup. Back at Liverpool, injuries plagued him further, not helped by The Waiter depending on him so badly that he was often rushed back from injury, a sure-fire way of exacerbating the problem. Of course, that summer he was back in South Africa becoming a World Champion, before getting straight back into the thick of it this season with more injuries and the occasional goal. We could also go on to mention that Fernando has been playing under the most immense pressure since the age of 17, when he was thrown in at the deep end at Athletico Madrid.

Now TMR is patiently disposed. It always has been and that’s why people like it. But even if we weren’t, we reckon it would be within reason to suggest that this man has been under more physical and mental pressure in his career so far than we would experience if we lived to 200 years old. What we suggest is that we give Fernando the summer off for the first time in 4 years, let him blow the top off a couple of San Miguels and get the hair back to its former glory (incidentally, is this the first time that hair has been the subject of footballing pathetic fallacy? So beautiful when scoring for fun, so dark, dank and lifeless these days) and then let’s see if he doesn’t repay us by scoring 40 goals next season, firing Chelsea to League, FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League glory. And hell, TheMakéléléRole is feeling generous, so we’re going to let Carlo Ancelotti stay a little longer as well, because he’s such a nice man. And if not, well, let’s just sack them both. And get Ray Wilkins and Zola back. They’ll win it all for us.

TMR doesn’t know what Chelsea’s fickle and impatient fans like to do to calm themselves, but we suspect it involves the coming together of darts and pictures of Ancelotti/Torres/Kalou/Mikel/Bosingwa and everyone else who is a massive waste of space, isn’t fit to wear the shirt/tight-fitting hand-made Italian suit etc. TheMakéléléRole’s message to these fans: go and do some dart-throwing, get all that anger out of your system, and then let’s give this ‘patience’ thing a try. Oh, and be careful what you wish for…

Article written by TheMakéléléRole.

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Nando nets his first with an absolute beauty!

With all the rain, thunder and lightning at Stamford Bridge, it was clear the football gods wanted to announce the arrival of their beloved Nando. Watch Torres’ first goal for us.


Who says Nando caused a rift at Chelsea? A picture says a thousand words.

This is what Torres had to after his first goal.

“I kept working and it’s thanks to all my team-mates that I scored. There’s less pressure for me now, now I can enjoy it.

“The pitch was not the best to score the goal, but football is like this.”

“The fans have been very patient with me,” he added. “I had more and more anxiety for them than for me.

“Hopefully this is the first of many.”

This is what Drogba had to say on Nando’s goal.
“I was in the changing room and I wanted to run and jump on as well.”

“We know we have a great player here, next season is going to go well for him.”

This is what some Blues on twitter had to say on Nando’s first goal.

“SPLENDID!” – @strongnsweeet

“Good finish” – @Ahmedshamsah

“It’s about frickin’ time” – @bpbpayne

“Knew Torres wld score 2day,when he was a #lfc player,he scored against West Ham 4 fun.His drought is over.Watch hm fire em in” – @chelseaboy1971

“Four words define it all GOAL OF THE SEASON” – @BluesFanaticrat

“worth the wait…worth every penny!” – @LaEsmeralda

“worth the wait!! And there will be many more now!” – @chelsea4girls

“Top class and deserved. I thought he lost it, but great finish. And the celebration! The unity in the squad was apparent!” – @LAKTINHO

“The celebration from the fans and the players was worth 50 mn in itself.” – @vj_cfc

“was watching on live stream while painting my nails, next thing I’m screaming & the nail varnish splattered everywhere lol” – @kazzahenderson


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…And Chelsea is second! Time to give United a run for their money.

Carefree football has officially returned to the Bridge. Flo Mo got us to a flying start in the second minute. Sala got in on the scoring in 26th minute with a beautiful curler. Flo Mo completed the rout when he headed in a delightful cross from debutant Ryan Bertrand.

The night was good. It would have been perfect if we had kept a clean sheet for Cech. I want Cech to win the golden glove. In my view, he has been our best player this season. Without Cech, we would have probably been fourth or fifth by now, he has saved our bums big time this season. Cech did not get the clean sheet because the love of our lives, Luiz poorly fouled a Birmingham player in the penalty box. Luiz has made similar fouls in the past and it is time the coaching staff addresses this problem.  No hope is lost, there are six games to go and I believe our defense can help Cech win it.

Nando decided not to score against Birmingham. I believe he wants his first Chelsea goal at Old Trafford. I am happy to wait. When that moment comes, the minds of his critics shall explode.

The great news from yesterday was that Le Arse choked as expected. With their Spurs draw, we have moved to second place on goal difference. With five games to go, the devils still have to play our Blue Army and Le-Arse. The devils play Le Arse first, If Le Arse wins we will be in good business. Yes, I know it the chances of it happening are lower than being hit by a bus or lightning but we have to be hopelessly optimistic. We will win at Old Trafford because we are back to our best and because the devils will be exhausted from their midweek champions league game.

It is going to be a long shot to retain our title but we have to give it our best. Let’s give Red Nose’s men a good run for their money.


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Chelsea Fun Time with West Brom

Can we play West Brom every week? The West Brom game was fun. It was great to see Chelsea come from a goal down to win the game. Our players really enjoyed themselves, we were always in their box and we could have put in five or six goals. West Brom’s defense is probably the worst defense Chelsea has encountered in months. With all the fun we had with their defense, I was slightly disappointed that Carlo did not bring Nando on a bit earlier to enjoy himself.

When Nando came on, we had completed “Operation Win the Game”, so the new focus became “Operation Get Nando a Goal”. Our Blues wanted Nando to score so bad that we passed the ball to him even when he was in offside positions. It was great seeing JT inform Nando to move into position for Malouda’s free kick.

Nando showed great movement and scored a goal but the linesman ruled him offside. It was a very tight one and I wish the linesman did not raise his flag. It was not as if West Brom was going to get back into the game.

It was fun watching Chelsea win and very pleasing to see United lose to Citeh. What made me laugh was Balotelli’s wink to Ferdinand at the end of the game. Ferdinand reaction was precious and I am glad United are not touching our FA Cup trophy. Let us hope the winner of Stoke/Bolton beats Citeh in the final.


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